ZigBee2MQTT Status stays on "unknown"

Hello people,

im a bit lost right now and cant find an answer.
Right now i set up ZigBee2MQTT but cant get it to work.

In the ZigBee2MQTT Web frontend i added two devices. They are connected and work perfectly fine.

In OpenHab i added the Bridge and the devices afterwards.
The Status stays on “unknown”, not “online” or “offline”. When i add a channel to a item it says (NULL).

Did anyone encounter that problem or could help me with troubleshooting it?

Please describe the steps taken in more detail.

Of course, sorry!

First i created the MQTT Broker in the MQTT Binding.
The IP Adress is, localhost works too. I have no credentials added right now.

After that the Broker Thing reports “online”.

Than i use the device discovery. It shows me both ZigBee Devices added in the Zigbee2MQTT Webfrontend.

When i add the Device it gets all the channels right. Similar to the ZigBee2MQTT Frontend.
The Device ID is “zigbee2mqtt_5F0x00124b00251ba767”.
In Zigbee2MQTT it is “0x00124b00251ba767”.
The only difference is the “zigbee2mqtt_” but i dont know where it comes from, or if it even is the problem.
The MQTT Base Prefix is setup with “homeassistant”. It fills that automatically.

Than it just reports the Thing as “unknown”.

I have the feeling it is the different ID but i am to dumb to fix it.

I hope that helps, im new to the ZigBee2MQTT Binding and not very long in the OpenHab game.
Thank you very much!

I haven’t been able to get the Zigbee2MQTT device discovery within openHAB to work. Since I want to control what happens in as much detail as possible, I have decided to configure the Things manually (Generic MQTT Thing), see Use case: Integrating IKEA Starkvind air purifier into openHAB for an example.

It would certainly be a valuable service to the community to find the root cause of this problem, but I won’t spend time on it myself.

Thank you for your reply.

After a lot of digging i found a solution.
In my OpenHab log i had entries about “JINJA for pattern XY not found!”.

First i had to add the following to the configuration.yaml from zigbee2mqtt.

    timeout: 10
    timeout: 1500

Additionally i installed the Jinja transformation service from the OpenHab add-on store.

After a reboot of the whole system it finally got the status right and the values.

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