Zipato NE_NAS-AB02Z Indoor Siren - need to send a NOTIFICATION to it or raw zwave command

same issue for me.
I even re-included the item with different node ID, but can see still 2 channels only.

running with 2.5.10 zwave binding

any idea?

@fireplex and @alex_alexandroff22 did either of you get this working in the end? I am finding that sending a 0 or 1 to the notification_send channel doesn’t seem to have any effect. I started a new topic about that but was wondering if you had made it work for yourselves.

yes, works fine with OH 3.

Thing channel is a “switch_binary”


Switch item=Siren label="Siren"
Setpoint item=Siren2 minValue=1 maxValue=6 step=1

Thing config:

thingTypeUID: zwave:philio_pse02_00_000
  config_7_4: 4
  config_31_4_0000000C: 6
  group_1: []
  config_29_4: 0

Rule excerpt:

if (Alarm.state == ON) {
		sendCommand(Siren2, 5)