Zipato RGBW as a Fibaro RGBW?

Any chance i could configure a Zipato RGBW as if it were a Fibaro RGBW in OH1.8 and it will work? since it seems Fibaro is supported or is it a different module or whatever in OH?

More specifically the color wheel stuff.

The COLOR command class is not supported in any OH1 binding - only in OH2 and the Zipato bulb works nicely.

Whatever that is :wink:

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The color wheel actually only works with the Fibaro RGBW in combination with a rule that reads the color wheel input and sends 3 separate commands to the Fibaro. You need to have 3 dimmer items for the R,G,B channels for this to work.
Not sure about the Zipato (don’t know of anyone using it successfully), but you should try this method.

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Thanks Markus, Assuming so based on this…

chrisChris JacksonmaintainerFeb 25Yes
 - it is included in the OH2 binding. Currently I've only tested it on a
 Zipato bulb so any feedback on how it's working on other bulbs would be

I believe the comment above is for the OH1 binding since COLOR command class is not supported directly.

In OH2 it is supported, so no rule etc is needed - it works well here.

What rule do you have working for this? It would be great to be able to use it, up until now I have just been using the separate dimmers for each color.

very simple. You’ll find it in the wiki examples, too.

var HSBType hsbValue
var String redValue
var String blueValue
var String greenValue

rule "Treppenlicht manuell setzen"
    Item EG_Treppe_RGBW changed
    hsbValue = EG_Treppe.state as HSBType
    redValue =
    greenValue =
    blueValue =

    logInfo("rules", "setze Treppenlicht manuell")


Thanks I have the rule

import org.openhab.core.library.types.*

var HSBType hsbValue
var String redValue
var String blueValue
var String greenValue

rule "Set gRGBW Value"
Item gRGBW changed
hsbValue = gRGBW.state as HSBType
redValue =
greenValue =
blueValue =



and item:
Color RGBW “RGBW Light Color” (gRGBW)

and in a sitemap:
Colorpicker item=RGBW label=“LED Color”

If I use the wheel what I get returned in the logs are:
2016-05-10 18:58:13.204 [INFO ] [runtime.busevents ] - RGBW received
command 128.57143,11.290322,24.313726

To me it looks like it is lumping all the values and sending it to the RGBW rather than sending the settings to each color. Anyone know where I have gone wrong?

You need to retrieve the value from the ‘Color’ item named RGBW (not from the group gRGBW).
Same for the trigger line (although that works, I guess, because changing an item inside a group changes the group, too).

Thanks a bunch, that worked!

I’m trying to configure the zipato RGBW bulb on OH2.
On discovery, it found 3 channels: light dimmer, color temperature and color.
If I create items linked to each channel, I’m able to use the dimmer but not the color temperature (slider in sitemap) and color (colorpicker in sitemap).

I saw the rule previously posted, but it send command to items that I don’t have. How do you suggest to configure it?

I have the Zipato RGBW bulb and it works great with colorpicker and sliders in OH2.
No rules are needed.
I think you need to post your items and sitemap files.

I suppose that items are correctly configured because I used the paperUI for the generation.
Regarding the sitemap, I just linked the right item with a slider or colorpicker element.

I’m thinking to reinclude the device… Maybe that join isn’t complete.


I have tried to get the fibaro to work with the color picker, used the same as stated in this thread, but also used this in older instances. I cannot get the color picker to work in the newest stable release. Is there a walkthrough? I have read most of the threads pertaining to this subject and can’t get it to work this time

What happens, or doesn’t happen? It would help to understand what the problem is you’re having, maybe what the logs show etc.

t should be the same as any other color item, so I’m not sure what sort of “walkthrough” you are after?