Zmote - wifi universal IR remote

I was starting to look into IR blasters to control TV’s etc. and came across quite a few using the esp8266. The zmote looks like an interesting option, but I haven’t come across anyone that actually claims to have used it though so I thought I’d post here and see what you all thought.

It has a REST interface and also supports MQTT, although details are pretty sparse.

It’s an open source project available on gihub
Official site

If anyone has any suggestions for other projects to check out, I’m all ears.

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Did you make zmote to work with OH?
Hardware looks easy to build, and looks like it should work with OH with no problems.

I have ordered components to try my hand at building a zmote. If I only wanted one it probably would have been cheaper just to buy one, but now I’ll have some spare goodies for other projects.

I emailed the developer to get some additional info about building the firmware and they were very responsive. He even offered to send me a prebuilt binary if I send him my esp’s chip ID.

I’m still not %100 sure I have my head wrapped around the way their software operates, but I have high hopes since a local REST api is supposed to be available.

I’m one of the developers of zmote and would be happy to help with integration with openHAB.

Being associated with zmote development, I’d recommend buying one to support us :slight_smile:

Thank you!

I decided to build because I need two units, and also because I’m a sucker for DIY :yum:
I’m still waiting on a few components, but based on my current experience, I would certainly recommend that anyone interested in such a product support your project. I emailed you a few weeks ago and received a prompt response with a offer for far more assistance than would be expected.

I’m hoping to get the rest of my components soon. I will definitely be supporting you guys with a donation if your product works half as well as I’m expecting.

Sure! :+1:

Hoping to see some stuff in the works. Post updates if you figure something out. Im very new to this stuff so id like to make sure others make it work before i go out buying myself

Hey, you guys might be interested in this discussion: openHAB zmote binding

We are planning to have a dedicated binding for zmote.

Looks interesting. However, where can you buy it? On I didn’t find any shop/link.

Hi, I’m going to have several IR remote controls for my outdoor blinds and I found this post. Some questions:
Was the zmote binding really done? If yes, does it work fine?
How can I know if the IR remotes I’m going to use, are compatible with the zmote?
Where can I buy a zmote - wifi universal IR remote?