Zone, sceneries and events

Hello all,

My primary goal in using Openhab is to realize one allarm system.

But I think that Oh for that particular use is missing some important characteristics that are vital in managing one allarm system.

It would be very useful the possibility to create zones an sceneries and assign items to them dynamically, more… It would be fundamental to assign predefined events or status (armed/disarmed) to item or zone.

Maybe this is just my particular needs but I would like to know if some one else in the forum had the same idea.

Best regards


I know several users of OH implement their alarm system quite successfully with OH as it is. Why do you feel that these missing characteristics are vital?

Groups is how you would assign Items to zones and rules that trigger on the Group would be used to trigger scenarios (i.e. rules).

I don’t understand what you mean by assigning items to a zone dynamically. Do you mean have rules that change zone membership or some UI? Can you provide a specific use case because I’m struggling to see why anyone would want to change which zone an alarm Item is in dynamically. I would think you would want your alarm configuration as static, simple, and deterministic as possible.