Zoneminder Event Server (ZMES) integration


I just switched my surveillance from motionye to zoneminder.
I think this was a good decision, I really love the ML based person / face detection.
To this my question is related:

Of course I use the zoneminder binding in my oh3 installation and everything works fine so far.
I have a rule, that sends me a notification including an actual picture if the state of a cam changes to ALARM.
This even works fine so far, but it not what I want, yet, because the alarm doesn’t mean, that a person was detected, for example.

I would like to add the following functions to my zoneminder / openhab integration:

  1. I just want the rule to fire, if a person was detected. Therefor I already created a new item, but actually I don’t know, what’s the best way to trigger the item (from zm or oh? and how?)
  2. I would like to delete all events, without a detected person after an alarm. I tried already to handle it with a filter in zm, but the result was that the events got deleted before the detection has finished.

I am very interested in your solutions and would be glad, if you could share your experiences with me.

Thanks, Alex

I’ve thought a little about integrating the Event Notification Server into the binding, but I didn’t get very far. And I’m a bit pressed for time lately, so progress has been very slow. Some might even call my progress glacial. :laughing:

Thanks for your reply. It really would be great, if you could integrate it into the binding!

But maybe you could share your thoughts on how you would integrate it? Maybe this could be an idea for a workaround?

I know there are some exits in the event server that can be used for starting external scripts, but sadly I am more a user than a developer, so I don’t really know how I should implement it.

I would if I had some. :wink: It’s been so long since I looked at it, I really don’t remember.

So, I have an initial thought that you might be able to try without any change to the ZoneMinder binding…

As described in the ZoneMinder Event Server docs here, you can configure ES to send notifications to MQTT.

By installing the openHAB MQTT binding, you should be able to pick up those events in a rule.

You also would need to install an MQTT server if you don’t have it installed already.

Unfortunately, as I don’t currently use MQTT or the Event Server, I really can’t be of any help with the setup.

I integrate ZMES with my OH install. I use MQTT to connect the two and trigger a light to come on when person is detected in my driveway. I also used a convoluted system to send pushover messages, but now ZMES natively supports pushover, so I really don’t need to do that anymore.

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