Zoneminder Monitor detected, online, but not working

As stated on the title, I have a monitor connected and online, but online switch is off, enable and force alarm are both off and switching to on will do nothing, and alarm status is allways off.

Zoneminder is working and capturing events.

Can any one help?

Read this and post what you have done so far

  • Platform
    • Operating System: Debian 9
    • OpenHAB Version: 2.2
    • Originating Issue: Zoneminder
  • Issue
    • Expected Behavior: State of Monitor Changes when changes in ZM. Triger allarm in ZM from OH
    • Actual Behavior: Monitor is online, but OH does not respond to ZM, and vice versa
    • Steps: (Steps to reproduce the issue)
      1. Configure ZM, activate OPT_USE_API and OPT_TRIGGERS
      2. Configure OH Binding to ZM Server
      3. Discover monitor and add Thing and Create Items
      4. Try to trigger alarm in ZM and look at switch state in OH, should change (it does not)
      5. Try to change Force Alarm Switch in OH, look at events in ZM, nothing changes.
  • What I have done so far
    • [A] All of the above

Any one with this working? Any ideas?

Thank You

What version of Zoneminder are you using (there were issues using 1.31.1 with OH)? I am using 1.30.4 and everything is working fine. Have you restarted OH after the Zoneminder binding installation? And have you set Zoneminder logging to debug and looked into the logs to see if there are errors? Can you access the API with curl? Read through this and see if it may be similar to your issue…

The (old) Zoneminder 1.x binding is currently a subject of development towards a working 2.x version. Please follow this post.