Zooz 4-in-1 - no motion, possible database issue?

I have a Zooz 4-in-1 sensor with firmware 32.2. Strangely, there is a gap in the firmware list in the database for this exact firmware. See below. There is a version from 24.16 to 32.1, and one for 32.3 and beyond. 32.2 is specifically excluded although it probably falls back to the first one in the list, the ‘All’. Is this correct? Could that be the cause of it not working properly with openHAB?

I tried to create a new device in the database, but I got an ‘Error’ when I clicked on the Create Device button - no information at all on the error reason. Any ideas?

@5iver has worked more with Zooz lately than I have.
Adding an entry for a new firmware version is tricky. It probably failed because that device already has an entry. I do not believe the new device checks look at firmware restrictions.

EDIT: It appears to me somebody made a minor error when adding a new firmware version entry. Since the firmware versions reported by the devices do not match the published firmware versions, it is easy to make a mistake.

I will make the correction but the changes likely will not hit the snapshot binding for another week. The database is usually exported once a week & it was exported recently.

EDIT2: There appears to be a bug somewhere. When I set the max version to 32.2 the system interprets that as 32.3.The system seems to add 1 to whatever is entered for max version. I will file an issue on GitHub for the database issue.

EDIT3: the Issue is here. Subscribe to get updates.

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