Zooz 800 Z-Wave stick KST39

Simple question. Anyone using a Zooz LST39 Z-wave stick successfully.? I am wondering if I have a defective stick.
I bought one, if I can get an inclusion to work the process is not complete, no links. And I have many things I cannot get to include at all, doesn’t see anything.
Using PI4B, 32 gig, with a USB extension (recommended) and the latest Openhab version.
To be clear; I have a working system (same stuff) but with a Gen5+.
AND yes I excluded before attempting to include. Even did a factory reset on a few things to be sure.
Thanks in advance.

700 and 800 series sticks still do not work with the Z-wave binding. There’s a long histroy behind this and with a little searching on the forums you can find several threads discussing the reasons. But the short answer is that your stick just won’t work with the Z-wave binding.

@apella12 just posted an interesting new direction the other day to work with newer sticks without using the binding. You might find this worth a look:

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Thank You! Now I will put bandages on my forehead and go back to the Gen5+

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