Zooz On/Off Wall Switch ZEN21

I am looking to get the new v2.0 ZEN21 switch working with the zwave binding. I have placed a ticket on cd-jackson web site. It was quickly addressed and closed stating that he database was being updated. It has been a few days since I placed the ticket. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the z-wave binding a few time but it still is coming up as an unknown device.

Would like to know if anyone has get this device working.

Thank you

The database was updated yesterday, so you will need to use the very latest snapshot version and it should work.

Thanks for the quick response.
I have updated my openhabian snapshot and then uninstalled the binding and reinstalled.
it still is showing as unknown (027A:B111:1E1C:20.15)

Is there some thing I am missing

The device IDs for your device are the same as in the database so it should be ok.

Maybe it’s not flown downstream fully yet.

After taking a closer look at my setup I was set to use the release build. After switching to the snapshot I got it working.