Zooz z-wave plus

I would like to know if openhab work with ZOOZ Z-WAVE PLUS POWER STRIP ZEN20 and Zooz Z-Wave Plus Smart Plug ZEN06. These are much cheaper than other zwaves. I am using DSA02203-ZWUS Z-Wave Z-Stick Series 2 USB Dongle.

Assuming they are in the database right now they will work just fine. If not, it is relatively easy to get them added to the database.

I don’t see this manufacturer in the list so you would either need to add the device to the DB (or ask @chris) based on the information in the manual, or based on the XML file the binding generates after you include it into your network.

Zooz isn’t a manufacturer - they rebadge other devices. This isn’t currently in the database, but there are some other Zooz devices under various manufacturers.