Zooz ZEN31 RGBW Dimmer

Can anyone please expand on the the use of the dimmer channels on the ZEN31 device? I have one hooked up to a single color LED strip to one of the RGBW outputs. I have sliders to control channels dimmer and dimmer1-5. I wrongly assumed that there would be a 1 to 1 correlation between a dimmer channel and the RGBW outputs.

Dimmer dimmer "Dimmer" (gLED) {channel="zwave:device:211467b2:node48:switch_dimmer"}
Dimmer dimmer1 "Dimmer 1" (gLED) {channel="zwave:device:211467b2:node48:switch_dimmer1"}
Dimmer dimmer2 "Dimmer 2" (gLED) {channel="zwave:device:211467b2:node48:switch_dimmer2"}
Dimmer dimmer3 "Dimmer 3" (gLED) {channel="zwave:device:211467b2:node48:switch_dimmer3"}
Dimmer dimmer4 "Dimmer 4" (gLED){ channel="zwave:device:211467b2:node48:switch_dimmer4"}
Dimmer dimmer5 "Dimmer 5" (gLED){ channel="zwave:device:211467b2:node48:switch_dimmer5"}

Through trial and error I can control the LED strip, but I don’t want to guess at what I am doing. Also I see interaction between the sliders that I don’t understand. Can someone please advise?


@5iver is the man that owns one. He should be able to assist.
Zooz was helpful in getting us a device to test with openHAB.

Yes, my site map was based on a posting from @5iver. This device is a really cool thing. Several years ago I designed a LED controller using an XBee and Arduino. It controls lighting on a my stair rail, but it started acting up. I saw the ZEN31 and thought it might be a good fit to replace my design and simplify my HA.

I know he researched it and actually wrote the database entry.

Thank you for pointing this out. Basically, just use the Channels from endpoint 1. I will make an update to get the other Channels cleaned up to avoid confusion.

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Thank you very much for getting back to me. Also thank you for your contribution to this device. It is very much appreciated.


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After some testing, I just updated the device in the database to remove the extra Channels. These changes will take about a week to make their way into the binding. Here is how I have defined my Items…

Color	        DS_PoolTable_LED_Color	            "Pool Table Color [%s]"	               <colorpicker>    (gLED,gDS_RecreationRoom,gDS_FamilyRoom_Action)    ["ColorLighting"]           {channel="zwave:device:07cb40a2:node151:color_color1", alexa="BrightnessController.brightness,ColorController.color" [category="OTHER"]}
Dimmer	        DS_PoolTable_LED_ColorTemperature  	"Pool Table Color Temperature [%d]"    <none>           (gLED,gDS_RecreationRoom)                                                      {channel="zwave:device:07cb40a2:node151:color_temperature1"}
Dimmer	        DS_PoolTable_LED1                	"Pool Table: Brightness [%d]"	                   <none>           (gLED,gDS_RecreationRoom)                                                      {channel="zwave:device:07cb40a2:node151:switch_dimmer1"}
Dimmer	        DS_PoolTable_LED2               	"Pool Table: Red [%d]"	                   <none>           (gLED,gDS_RecreationRoom)                                                      {channel="zwave:device:07cb40a2:node151:switch_dimmer2"}
Dimmer	        DS_PoolTable_LED3                	"Pool Table: Green [%d]"	                   <none>           (gLED,gDS_RecreationRoom)                                                      {channel="zwave:device:07cb40a2:node151:switch_dimmer3"}
Dimmer	        DS_PoolTable_LED4                	"Pool Table: Blue [%d]"	                   <none>           (gLED,gDS_RecreationRoom)                                                      {channel="zwave:device:07cb40a2:node151:switch_dimmer4"}
Dimmer	        DS_PoolTable_LED5                	"Pool Table: White [%d]"	                   <none>           (gLED,gDS_RecreationRoom)                                                      {channel="zwave:device:07cb40a2:node151:switch_dimmer5"}
Number:Energy	DS_PoolTable_LED_Energy	            "Pool Table: Energy [%.0f kWh]"	       <energy>	        (gLED,gDS_RecreationRoom,gElectrical)          	                               {channel="zwave:device:07cb40a2:node151:meter_kwh1"}
Number:Power	DS_PoolTable_LED_Power	            "Pool Table: Power [%.0f W]"	       <energy>	        (gLED,gDS_RecreationRoom,gElectrical)          	                               {channel="zwave:device:07cb40a2:node151:meter_watts1"}
Number	        DS_PoolTable_LED_Scene	            "Pool Table: Scene [%d]"	           <none>           (gLED,gDS_RecreationRoom)          	                                           {channel="zwave:device:07cb40a2:node151:scene_number1"}
Number	        DS_PoolTable_LED_Program	        "Pool Table: Program [%d]"	           <none>           (gLED,gDS_RecreationRoom)          	                                           {channel="zwave:device:07cb40a2:node151:config_decimal_param157"}
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I see this device is still waiting for approval in Chris’ database. I wonder if has been over looked, or maybe folks that do the approval are just busy?


@5iver has been the one working on that & testing. I believe he can approve entries too.

I know he has the product working with openHAB. Zooz and thesmartesthouse.com have been very helpful in getting their devices working with openHAB.

Hmmm… that is strange. I usually publish things myself, but remember leaving this one for @chris to look at before the next export. It is now published. Sorry for the delay!

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So we need to wait for the next database export & then the snapshot built after that.

You need to click the request review button - otherwise I just assume you’re still working on it…


Thanks everyone. Looking forward to the snapshot.