Zooz Zen32 Firmware 10.10 Button Indicator Commands

The most recent firmware for the Zooz Zen32 scene controller adds indicator command class for all buttons. Does this mean with the new firmware it should be possible to create channels for each button?

I’ve already done the OTA update using Zooz’s instructions and the Z-Wave PC Controller application but I’m not seeing any changes in the number of channels. Do I need to update the z-wave database definition for this and how do I do that?

Zooz Zen32 Change Log

I have a couple of ZEN32s. I think this firmware update is referring to the indicator LEDs for each button.

Both of mine were purchased after the most recent firmware update, so I assume they come with it pre-loaded–I didn’t update them myself. They both have channels in OH3 for each button’s LED to control the state of the LED, as well as another channel for each LED to control its color.

There’s not really a need to create a separate channel for each button, otherwise, since it’s a scene controller. Each button sends a unique scene number that’s easy to act on without it coming from a separate channel.

What were you hoping to do with the separate channels?

I have a few Zen32 and believe I have the older firmware. zwave_version in the thing properties is 1.1 (assume this is the firmware but don’t know for sure on this one).

Currently I use the Zen32 in the way described by Chad - scene_number channel and then update LEDs for feedback via the LED channels. By default the Zen32 is setup for the scene buttons to be on / off (light indicator as well as optional BasicSet commands to other Z-Wave Devices). I could see it being much easier in some use cases to key off of this on/off channel for each button where the LED updates automatically instead of my current setup (get trigger on scene_number, determine if it should be turned on/off, send commands to other Z-Wave Devices, send command to Zen32 LED to change to correct value). It would also allow for much simpler integrations that bypass OpenHAB to control items directly from the Zen32 but yet be controllable by OpenHAB.

Not an expert here but I do know that the ZWave Database needs the XML file created by openhab to map out all the potential channels and then you edit / identify which channels you want. When I was adding the LED channels I didn’t see anything related to individual button On/Off but I don’t know what I would have been looking for. You can have another entry in the DB based on Firmware updates to add functionality. If it is possible to add this functionality I would think that is the route you need to go. I believe the first step is getting the xml file when it is added to OpenHAB to see if it has additional command classes or endpoints.

The DB entry is here → OpenSmartHouse Z-Wave Device Database

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What I’m hoping to do is essentially use the scene buttons as standard on/off binary channels to trigger various rules. The scene number on my device only updates when a scene is “turned on” meaning if I press button 4, I get something like “scene changed from 3.0 to 4.0” but if I press it again nothing happens.

I realized the OpenHab didn’t see the firmware update until I excluded and re-added the device, but it is now showing 10.10 instead of 1.1 for the zwave_version.

I’m not seeing any channels related to the LED state. Should I see something other that what I’m showing here? I’m still running OH3.1 if that matters.

This is standard behavior. If watch your log files you will see there is still an event generated it is just an item updated event not an item changed event. You can create rules that trigger on the update of the scene number item and you will trigger the rule at every button press.

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The scene number and lights confused me as well the first time I set it up. The light turns on and off when you hit the button but the scene number doesn’t change as you state.

I did find that every time you hit the button it does send a scene number. In your example a new scene_number is being provided when you hit the button it is just a 4.0 so you don’t get a change notification because it is the same value. I moved to a rule triggered off receiving a command to capture all button presses. This still doesn’t tell you if the LED on the button is on or off which makes the LED confusing. I found it useful to turn off the LED completely (thing properties) and use the button to trigger a preconfigured lighting setup in my house instead as on/off (example - one button turns off all lights, a second button turns on a set of lights I like when cook, another turns lights on how I like it for something else). This way I don’t need an on/off as that was a bit to hard to implement. This is how I have it setup now.

So if they did updates it so you can have on/off for each button that would be great for other things I want to do.

Looks like you have it paired with OpenHAB with the new firmware. You should have an XML file with the new info in it. Can you post it? I don’t have time right now to figure out firmware updates for my Zen32 (looks easy but my system is working well right now) but would like to see if this is possible. It should be in /var/lib/openhab/zwave or if you manually installed bases on the guide /opt/openhab/userdata/zwave.

In this folder it will be a file with node_# in the file name based on the z-wave node of the Zen32

Yes, there should be a channel for each LED’s state and a channel for each LED’s color. So, you should have 10 more channels.

Maybe try deleting the Thing and rediscovering it? Don’t exclude it from your Z-wave network, just delete the Thing from openHAB. You should be able to add it again from your inbox. You’ll probably need to run a “scan”, but again, no need to re-include into the Z-wave network. openHAB will see the Thing already associated to your Z-wave controller and add it to your Inbox.

If you give the Thing the same name it had before you deleted it, your pre-existing items should automatically reconnect to their respective channels. And, any missing channels should show up.

For my setup, I set the Thing configuration to leave the LEDs on all the time. Then I just control them via rules. I prefer to always have them on, and just change their color as an indicator of what scene is active, but you can turn them on or off in the rules, too.

At first, I had the same issue you describe about the state only updating when it changes to another state. To fix that, I have my rules set up to set the state to “0” a few hundred milliseconds after every button press. That way, if I press the same button again, openHAB sees it as a new update to the state.
So, if I double-click the 3rd button, the log shows the state change to “3.3”, and then it goes back to zero. If I then double-click the 3rd button again, I see “3.3” in the log again.

Alternatively, I could probably set up the rules to run on all item updates to capture these repeated scene numbers. But, this has worked well for me, so I’m sticking to it.

To use each button as a toggle, I just have the rule check to see whether the item is on or off, and then send the opposite command, along with a command to change the LED color. You could also have the toggle switch based on the LED color or state, but I prefer basing it on the state of the actual item I want to control, as that automatically fixes synchronization issues that might happen if the item gets controlled from outside of these rules.

Here’s are the channels that show up in openHAB for me. These all just appeared when I first set up the device, no extra effort needed and no firmware update. I believe mine came with the latest firmware already installed. FWIW, the Z-wave_version on mine shows as “10.0”

I made the updated to the ZWave DB to add the LEDs and Color in September 2021 so you probably need to upgrade to 3.2 to get the newest channels for LEDs

Chad great to hear this works. On my list to do olin my house.

@Nick_Wilkinson here’s the xml from /var/lib/openhab/zwave:
network_ca30cf8b__node_19.xml (18.6 KB) This update came out in October, so it would be newer than your 3.2 update to the DB.

@Chad_Hadsell deleting and rediscovering didn’t do much for me, so I may try updating to 3.2 when I get a chance

I don’t remember which version of OH I was on when I first installed my ZEN32s, but if you’re not on the latest, then there’s a good chance that’s why you’re missing channels. It looks like you’re on OH 3, so you won’t have to navigate the major changes from 2 to 3. The last few updates have been pretty painless. Nothing broke for me. Although, I do all my rules in node-RED, so I have no idea if there were any major changes with the built-in rules.

Anyway, if just doing the upgrade doesn’t bring those missing channels, you may have to try deleting and re-discovering the Things again, after the upgrade. I’ve had to do that with a bunch of Hue and Alexa devices recently, in order to get new channels that were added.

As for the LED channels not using the Indicator command class - it is definitely in 3.2 based on the DB entry last approved value. So you’ll need to upgrade. Once you do that you should be able to make something work with the LEDs.

As for the Indicator command class - Looking in the xml it doesn’t seem to show extra Indicators. This section looks just like mine with Firmware 1.1. Below is the section I would have expected to see each button but it only has the NODE_IDENTIFY. This might have something to do with openHAB but would require more digging which will be a while for me to do (not as quick as I was hoping)


It looks like hubitat got this working on their end but they do reference a 10.11 firmware build to fix all the bugs. With this said the Indicators should be available in 10.10

Also the ZWave spec is pretty clear with what the buttons should be.

I’ll download the firmware and take a look but this might take some time because of my availability.

If someone else makes progress let me know.

Updating to OH3.2 and deleting/re-adding the thing got me the LED channels. I can probably kludge something together to do what I want, but it would definitely be nicer to have the button indicators

If you leave the default behavior of the LEDs (On when button is off, and vice versa) and you have items linked to the LED channels, then you could probably just set up your rules to trigger on the LED status.
It would in effect be the same as triggering of a switch status, expect you’d reverse the “off” and “on”.

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