Zooz Zen32 Scene Controller - Sync indicator lights?

I got a few of these scene controllers. Each of the 5 buttons has an indicator light that can (among other things) be on or off.

Does anyone have any idea how to sync the light status (ex: on/off)?
When you press one of the scene buttons the linked item (single number item for all 4 scene buttons) you get a number. There’s no ‘switch’ available for these buttons. you press button 1 you get item changed to 1. press button 2 get 2.

This would likely be for chris or someone else with more intimate knowledge of the z-wave binding. is the switch/scene controller perhaps not defined properly in the database to allow this?

This is the smartthings handler:

perhaps that sheds light on it? this is beyond me…

So I have read this a couple of times and still do not understand, probably a language issue, but showing the smartthings handler is confusing for a OH forum. The doc zen32_0_0.txt (21.8 KB)
for this device in the OH zwave binding shows multiple parameters to change status, color and brightness. These should all be on the Main UI thing page.


I have the same exact question. I have multiple Zen32 in my house and want the LEDs to be light up the same way. From what I can see there are two ways to use the Zen32 - Association Groups or triggering rules from the scene_number. I am using the scene_number.

Example flow would be press Button One on the Zen32. Zen32 sends scene_number “1.0” to OpenHAB. I have a rule triggering on scene_number to configure the house how I’d like. Ideally in the rule it would set the lights on all Zen32 to show what scene is selected. To do this the LEDs would need to be an Item (On / Off or something). Issue is the Zen32 LEDs can only be configured in the Thing Configuration Parameters and not as a Item.

To make this work the question is can the 5 “LED Indicator mode for Button X” parameter be turned into a item? Even if it is a number that you send in 2 for off and 3 for on? Looking at the DB it doesn’t seem to be straight forward update (but I’ve only added one or two things).

Not sure @waspie if this is the same use case you have.

Below is a portion of the Text File attached describing one of the indicators.

### Parameter 3: LED Indicator mode for Button 2

LED Indicator mode for Button 2
Choose if you want the LED indicator to turn on when Button 2 is on or off, or if you want it to remain on or off at all times.
The following option values may be configured -:

| Value  | Description |
| 0 | LED on when dimmer off, LED off when dimmer on (default) |
| 1 | LED on when dimmer on, LED off when dimmer off |
| 2 | LED always off |
| 3 | LED always on |

Is this what y’all are driving at?


yeah, that basically covers it. the LEDs need to be some sort of on/off item.

not exactly. sure you can force the LED on/off via a parameter but this wouldn’t be the ideal way from what i would think.

without forcing the LED on/off the normal behavior is you press the button and the light turns on. if you press it again, the light goes off - but this behavior is not controllable in any way.

Thanks Bob - Looks like this is what I was looking for. I’ll give it a try and see if this works. Will report back once I’ve had a chance to get the channels working.

Scott not sure on your use case here. I use the Zen32 buttons to trigger OpenHAB rules which do more than just turn a Z-wave light(set of lights) on/off in my house. One driving reason for this decision for me is that I have Philips Hue bulbs that the Zen32 can’t talk directly with. Based on the Zen32 Scene Number functionality I have each button setup as a scene → Example “Evening Lights” and “Go To Bed”. This setup makes the Button LED On/Off default make no sense because I don’t turn off a Scene instead I move to a new scene. I also can trigger the scenes from other places (OpenHAB app). So my use case is that no mater how the scene is enabled the associated Zen32 LED should be on with the others off. This drives my solution of having my rules set the LEDs.

Sounds like this might not be your use case (and maybe I am hijacking your thread here)

In one instance I have one of these controlling 4 lights with the big button as a master.

Could you share a rule that you use to turn the LEDs on and off? I’ve never used a rule to adjust parameters.

I got 3 of these on sale recently and 1 will be controlling a set of hue lights as well.

I noticed some edits to the DB, but (if you did this) did not request review.


@Nick_Wilkinson @apella12
Did someone request channels be made of the parameters?

Scratch that, looking at the entry i can see someone did:

Relay Button LED State config_decimal
Button 1 LED State config_decimal
Button 2 LED State config_decimal
Button 3 LED State config_decimal
Button 4 LED State config_decimal
Relay Button LED Color config_decimal
Button 1 LED Color config_decimal
Button 2 LED Color config_decimal
Button 3 LED Color config_decimal
Button 4 LED Color

so thanks to the person that did this :slight_smile:

and thanks for adding the switch channel as well

Hi Bob and Scott - Yes I made the updates and was testing it to make sure it works (life and a 2.x to 3.x upgrade got in the way when I was testing). Haven’t tested all of the lights but the Relay LED Status does work. Today I went to request the review but looks like someone has pushed it along (Didn’t know you could do that!). So should be in a snapshot soon.

For my rules setup I have a few rules/items to make this work. (1) A rule per Zen32 Scene Controller to handle the button presses (2) An item to turn on a scene in my house (3) A rule that sets the lights/etc per the scene based on the Scene item in num 2 above.

For the Zen32 Scene Controller Rule (I use text files) is below. (1)Loft_Hallway_Can_Scene_Controller_Scene is the scene_number on the Zen32 (2) the VSwitch_xxxx is the item that turns on my scene (3) not shown is a rule that sets lights/etc when the VSwitch_xxx receives an update this is where I was going to update the Zen32 LEDs with the new channels.

rule "LoftHallwayCanSceneController"
   Item Loft_Hallway_Can_Scene_Controller_Scene received update
   logDebug("LoftHallwayCanSceneController", "Scene is {}", Loft_Hallway_Can_Scene_Controller_Scene.state )

   if(Loft_Hallway_Can_Scene_Controller_Scene.state == 1.0)
   else if(Loft_Hallway_Can_Scene_Controller_Scene.state == 2.0)
   else if(Loft_Hallway_Can_Scene_Controller_Scene.state == 3.0)
   else if(Loft_Hallway_Can_Scene_Controller_Scene.state == 4.0)
   else if(Loft_Hallway_Can_Scene_Controller_Scene.state == 5.0)
     //SINGLE TAP Main Button -> TODO -> Turn on correct scene based on time of day / light levels / etc
   //Double Tap Relay Button
   else if(Loft_Hallway_Can_Scene_Controller_Scene.state == 5.3)

For the record I was looking at a recent Zwave DB update a few days ago for another device and noticed the Zooz Zen32 had been deleted and that reminded me of this thread. This is normal behavior when a device is modified. I checked, saw it was modified but noticed the review had not been requested, so made the posting above as an FYI because I did not know if was still being tested or whether it was an oversight. I did not request review (or touch anything else regarding this device)


yeah, that was me. i wanted to download the xml and test it :expressionless:

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