ZOOZ ZSE43 not recognized

I’ve tried to add a ZSE43, I can see that it’s adopted and the XML file is properly created, but it’s not recognized. I looked in the Zwave database and I can see it’s there. What do I need to do?


Do the reference numbers match? (027A) 7000:E002

As far as I can tell it all matches. I can attach the XML file here if you want.
network_ece4041c__node_77.xml (12.3 KB)

And before I forget, thanks for looking.

So the device ID is E003, not E002, hence the problem. If you have DB access, verify everything else is the same as your device. If yes, with write access (open ticket with attain) you can simply add to the TYPE 7000:E003 to that line on the overview page. If no, you will need to create a new device as explained in the blog @jswim788 had posted.


I can’t seem to log in. I did send a message asking for permissions, but I don’t seem to have it yet.

And now I feel really stupid, I seem to have got the number wrong, I should have said ZSE43, not ZSE42 which I think is why you get the different version and I thought it was the same. So sorry for the error.

No Worries.

The problem with the ZSE43 is that it is modified, but no review has been requested. Assuming that was an oversight, I’ll mark for review. If there is a problem (once included in the binding) it might need to be modified in the future.


Thank you. If there is anything I can do to help, just ask.

This device caught my eye yesterday when I was looking at the water device ZSE42. I had been looking to replace my ecolink tilt 2.5 (500 series) with a 700 level battery device. Once it is working, I’d be interested in your feedback.


Well, it shows up now, but it seems like only some of the events are implemented. I can see the zwave messages when I turn on debug and tilt the sensor but I got no events telling me the sensor was tilted.

I did go ahead and buy a couple. I did need to change the DB alarms to get the tilt to report. It should be in the next DB update (1779). I’ve only had them for a day, but seem okay so far.