Zulu Java 11-32 installation fails during clean installation openHABian v1.7.1 on Rpi4 -> solved with openHABian v1.7.2

Hi All,

I tried a clean install of the latest openHABian version on a Rpi4 yesterday with no manual changes of anything.

Image download → Etcher → SD card → LAN connection → go

Everything worked fine, but Zulu Java 11-32 installation failed.

Did anybody else encouter this problem?

During the last days there was a problem downloading the java version for the correct architecture because of a change in the ‘API’ on the download page.
Put openhabian-config into debug mode to see at which point the installation fails.

Very latest openHABian will not install Zulu but OpenJDK so easiest is to just start over.

Many thanks to the openHABian team.
It now works with v1.7.2.