Zulu OpenJRE and Chart

I’ve installed OH2 on my OrangePi Zero with armbian OS.
I decided to make a try for ZULU opensource JRE
It works fine but no charts
In my search I found that no fonts were installed for jvm as well as no fonts are available for armbian
In my search I found that for some reason the JRE was installed as “headless” and I decided to add fonts using
apt-get install -y libfontconfig1

Now I have the charts but no text on them.
The question is - what would be the right options for ZULU installation to get the fonts installed initially.

According to the issue tracker you have to install

sudo apt install libfontconfig1 fontconfig ttf-dejavu

See here and here.

On Pine64 an additional apt-get install fontconfig:armhf seems to be necessary. Don’t know if OrangePi is similar…

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Thanks! It fixed the problem