ZW095 Aeon HEM Installation

I live in the U.S. and just added one of these to my home to start tracking energy usage.

And although I’m not an electrician, i’m ok around the house when some basis wiring skills, etc. have removed a 220 line, ran new 110 line, additional breaker added, etc

The clamps for this device to attach around the main are actually pretty large and loose around each connection. Should that be the case? they seem to be sort of magnetic but definitely not tight on the cables and not seeing the ability to adjust or tighten them.

I am getting readings in Habmin, but with the clamps loose unsure if the reading are accurate or if a way to test and confirm the accuracy?

the clamps measure the magnetic field generated by the wire - more current flowing thru = bigger magnetic field. They do not need to be tight on the wire to sense this.

Yes, mine were loose too. I was already replacing my entire load center so I added some electrical tape but it’s not necessary. Just make sure the arrows are pointed according to the instructions.

Yes, do make sure that each clamp is oriented in the proper direction per the instructions. From memory, I believe mine had embossed notation on the base of each sensor. K -> L, where L should face the load side of the circuit. I.e. the breaker side.

Thanks guys,

I have the clamps the right way, although I’m not certain if if matters which one is the ‘inbound’ and ‘outbound’ on the wires and think just need to ensure you have them pointing in the right directions to complete a ‘circuit’.

I guess for safety they say to kill the power when installing these things, but since there no real clamping to the wires themselves and its more a magnetic field it takes a whole 2 minutes to install the thing.

I’m getting usage readings in Habmin so believe its all correct, and just trying to learn and figure out the charting now on things.