ZW111 Aeon Nano Dinner

Is anyone using the Aeon Nano dimmers? I bought one a while ago and installed it but it is not working as expected.
It doesn’t seem to send anything to OH2, when I manually flick the switch it doesn’t report it to OH.
I can control the switch for a while through openhab but eventually it stopped working all together so I can only control the lights manually.

I reckon it is not configured properly by default but all my tries so far haven’t worked.
Any ideas?

It sounds like the associations are not configured. You should check the manual to see what associations need to be set to the controller. Ideally this would be configured automatically, but maybe it’s not configured int he database, or maybe something else went wrong during intialisation…

Thanks, that’s what I thought too. I was going somebody has already had the same problem and found a solution. I’ve never dealt with associations so when I looked at the manual, I didn’t get very far.

I am having the same problem, what was your solution?

Hey, I can’t really remember now as it was a while ago, but I think the issue was around the associations/ inclusion into the Z-Wave network.

I also found that, when operating the switch manually, it only reports a change in the dimmer value, not the on/ off switch. I wrote an OH rule that when the dimmer value changes, it also updates the switch to on / off.

Thank you for answering.
I tried att lot of things and when i removed the dimmer from openhab and then made a factory reset and finally included the dimmer again it seems to work.