ZW111 and momentary switches - lights dim on hold, but undim on release?

Hey all,

I’ve just installed a few ZW111 Nano Dimmer’s from Aoetec and from OpenHAB they are working perfectly. I’d also like to ensure the physical switch connected to them is functional - so we connected push button momentary switches as described in the documentation.

To support this, I’ve set param 120 to 1 (momentary) and I’d expect that when I pushed and held the button I’d get a slow rise to full brightness and when the brightness level would be maintained when released.

This is NOT what is happening sadly and I’m perplexed?

Instead, it will slide up to the required brightness but on release, it ramps back down to the previous level (before anything was touched). I’ve tried other settings for param 120 without success.

Has anyone seen something similar to this? Any suggestions?

FWIW I believe I’ve fixed this. Aoetec support have been very helpful (and relatively quick - I’m somewhat impressed) and sent me the most up to date manual. Using the correct value for param 120, which for momentary is actually 3, has made this work much more as expect.

Now to set the dimming speed and min/max values and I should be done. :slight_smile: