ZW500DM In-wall Smart Meter Dimmer Switch is not working properly

They are the labels for the parameters :sunglasses: .

It’s the name of the parameter that you will see in the UI.

Yep - should be perfect - thanks.

I plan on doing an update tonight, so if you get this done in the next 5 hours or so, then it should go in today.

All done. Thanks.
PS: Once you’ve pushed the update, does it mean I should remove the device from the list of things and re-discover it so it puts the updated entry?

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Thanks for this post, I installed a GE 12727 toggle light switch expecting it work the same way as my Zooz 23 and Zooz 24 switches however, it appears that the GE 12727 does not support association groups thus it does not report it status if someone manually turns the switch on/off. This switch was more expensive than the others so I was disappointed and considering shelving it however, I read this post and implemented a rule thus

import org.eclipse.smarthome.core.types.RefreshType
rule "Refresh Pantry Light"
        Time cron "59 * * * * ?"
         sendCommand(PantryLight, RefreshType.REFRESH)
rule "Send Pantry Notification"
       Item PantryLight changed
      sendNotification("", "The pantry light has changed to " + PantryLight.state)

The first rule polls the switch every 59 seconds (an arbitrary time I picked) and the second tells me when the state changed and what it changed to. This is a simple way to overcome the short comings of the GE 12727 switch. I won’t buy another one, I really didn’t think the more expensive switch would have less features.

I found I needed the import or the rule produced an error in the /var/log/openhab2/openhab.log that said RefreshType was an unknown type.

Instead of creating a rule to refresh the data, why not just set the polling period down to 1 minute or so?

Will that do the same thing? I didn’t change mine, I left everything the same for all my zwave switches the polling period is 1 day. I will do some testing and see if this indeed has the same effect.

The Zooz switches show their status almost instantaneously. I don’t really need that but a minute or less is good.

Is there an advantage to changing the polling period over using a rule?
Or is it just less complex?

Yes - it calls the same code.

No - its just a simple configuration rather than having to write a rule. If you prefer to maintain rules, then it doesn’t make any great difference either way.