ZWA005 Aeotec Trisensor

I’ve been trying to get this working for a couple of hours now but have reached the end of my knowledge. I’ve enabled DEBUG for Zwave but nothing seems to appear in the log for anything to do with Zwave.

The sensor is detected and online. I’ve just sat here for about an hour pressing the action button over and over again, pressing it for 2 seconds, pressing it for 5 seconds, pressing it for 9 seconds. But nothing doing.

Any advice would be gratefully received!

Which file are you looking at? By default, the zwave log will show up in the openhab.log file. Maybe you are looking at events.log? If debug is enabled, then there will be LOTS of zwave logging going on.

I was looking at th live log through the interface but also tried tailing the log through SSH.

I’ve actually got it working now.

What worked for me was to keep doing a discovery and pressing the button on the sensor. I tried so many permutations, I’m not sure which one did it. All of a sudden, pressing the button changed the behaviour on the sensor from turn on green for a few seconds to turning on a kind of magenta colour. At that point, I could see various messages in the log and then, at some point, the temp, motion and luminance started working.

I’m sure there must be a definitive answer but from looking round it seems that most people are in the habit of just pressing the button randomly. A bit like monkeys and typewriters, eventually you get the right permutation.

All this stuff is sooooo much fun :slight_smile: i’ve got 2 more Zwave sensors to add in today. I just hope they’re not as bad. One is another Aeotec but the 6 way sensor. The other is one of those Fibaro eyeballs. I can but hope!

Battery powered devices generally do not stay awake long enough for the binding discovery to complete.

2 down, 1 to go. I still don’t know how I got it working. I start off being all methodical, then end up sitting there pressing the button, refreshing the discovery, leaving it to get a cup of tea, praying and swearing at it. Somewhere in there is the answer!

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I had one sensor where the wake up instructions in the manual were incorrect. I eventually found out 3 presses of the button woke it up instead of 1. The log affirmed the device indeed woke up.

It is sometimes good to delete a Thing from OH and re-add to trigger discovery. I have found that at times the threads can get hung, at least if left for days.

That’s the other thing I did. Just deleted it and re-discovered it several times. I left the items with their links in place for the second on and that just picked it all up and started working.

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