ZWave 2.1.0: Error on config change

Sorry if this is a known problem, but I’m rather new to the whole area and I’m still starting to find my way around.

My current setup:
A ZME USB Stick connected to a raspy 3 with ohb 2.1.0
Currently only two ZWave-devices are connected to the net:

  • Fibaro FGS223 Double Switch 2
  • Fibaro FGWP102 Metered Wall Plug Switch

Both devices work fine for changing the switch and reporting the state of the switch.

But if I’m trying to change any configuration for any of these two devices in PaperUI, I get an error message and the log reports:

2017-08-14 07:51:55.362 [INFO ] [mmandclass.ZWaveSecurityCommandClass] - NODE 3: setupNetworkKey useSchemeZero=false
2017-08-14 07:57:56.783 [ERROR] [] - Exception during HTTP PUT request for update config at ‘things/zwave:device:e423b174:node4/config’ for thing ‘zwave:device:e423b174:node4’: For input string: “org.openhab.binding.zwave.internal.protocol.ZWaveAssociationGroup@af706f”

Also, I get the energy consumption of the Light double switch just fine. But the socket switch doesn’t report anything, all values remain at 0 even though there’s definitely a load connected. As I cannot change any config settings, I couldn’t try different settings either.

Thanks for any assistance you could provide!