Zwave 3 way switch

we are currently redoing our kitchen which is on a standard 3 way setup.

my question is what would it take convert that to zwave and retain the 3 way setup?

would both swicthes need to be zwave smart switches?

You need certain Z-Wave switches sold for this. One is a standard Z-Wave switch. This is the actual switch that will be controlled by the system. The other is labeled as a “remote” or “slave” switch. The good news is that the remote switch is considerably cheaper.

Installation is very specific, one of the switches has to be on the load side and one has to be on the line side. Also, the neutral wires must be connected.

Depending on your comfort in wiring, this may be something to leave to a professional. I got one done but I have a ton of 3 way and 4 way switches. The electrician who originally wired our house used some “techniques” that may make sense to a professional but don’t line up to the way I would and have done it (hot wires are jumped switch to switch).

Ok so both switches will have to be replaced?

Yes, that is correct.

For example, you could use 1 Leviton DZS15-1LZ master ($45 Home Depot) and 1 Leviton VP0SR-10Z remote ($9 Home Depot).

Most other switch companies make similar products.