Zwave Aeotec Multisensor 7


Had a working zwave network with 4 Aeotec multisensors 7’s. After a couple of issues (dead controller and dead batteries), ive had to rebuild. I have a new controller and added a number of power zwave devices fine. But struggling with the Aeotec 7’s.

They show as unknown devices. I have woken them up repeatedly and they still show as unknown. Had a look at the xml and they now seem to be different to what in the database with device type 202, id 0x1002;


am I doing something silly?



Not at all.
I do not see that device listed in the database. You said this device used to work? I will try and look further later today,

Thanks Bruce.

Yeah I was doing something silly :slight_smile:

NodeID 5 on the new zwave network is not equal to node id 5 on the previous and as both sets of xml are retained in th zwave directory I was looking at the wrong network id (from the previous controller).

That with the devices not being properly initiated (showing 0xfffff)… moving them back close to the controller sorted…

Device ID for reference are


Arggh :slight_smile:

Sorry and thanks again


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Did you manage to configure it?
what exactly did you change in order it will work?