Zwave: AeoTec Smart Switch not giving power readings (OH2.3 stable)

Device is initialising, and I can control the on/off state. But I’m trying to get the power readings from it, and they don’t appear.

I have 3 other of these devices and they are reporting fine. I manged to to a zwave bundle restart while in DEBUG logging, and have isolated all the initialisation. It is node 13.

This is a report of:
Which also contains the debug log of my zwave binding being restarted.

Has anyone else seen the power meters not work?

Here is the items config:

Group g_zwave_coffee_machine "Coffee Machine" <switch> (g_zwave_switch)
Switch zwave_switch_coffee_machine "Rocket" <switch> (g_zwave_switch, g_controlpersist,g_zwave_coffee_machine, g_switch_persist) [ "Switchable" ]  {channel="zwave:device:a5365e91:node13:switch_binary" }
Number zwave_switch_coffee_machine_watts "Coffee Machine Electric meter [%.1f watts]" (g_zwave_energy,g_energy_watts,g_energy_watts_sum)  {channel="zwave:device:a5365e91:node13:meter_watts"}
Number zwave_switch_coffee_machine_volts "Coffee Machine Electric meter [%.1f v]" (g_zwave_energy) {channel="zwave:device:a5365e91:node13:meter_voltage"}
Number zwave_switch_coffee_machine_kwh "Coffee Machine Electric meter [%.1f kWh]" (g_zwave_energy,g_energy_kwh) {channel="zwave:device:a5365e91:node13:meter_kwh"}
Number zwave_switch_coffee_machine_amps "Coffee Machine Electric meter [%.1f amps]" (g_zwave_energy) {channel="zwave:device:a5365e91:node13:meter_current"}

The switch is working, but none of those power meters are receiving values.

Here’s the answer after doing another search:

hattip @danielo515