Zwave Aeotec ZW112 - problem with wakeup

I have a problem with the Aeotec Door Window Sensor 6 (ZW112). The node is successfully included and is recognized properly in habmin. Wakeup is set to one hour with target node 1.

When waking up the node manually multiple times using the button it eventually will turn green in habmin. After restarting the binding however, the node stays gray and will never turn green although the node wakes up every hour. Habmin displays the status as “ALIVE PING”. This does never change. Open and close events from the window are working properly.

I have included a snippet of the log when the node wakes up - it’s node 66.

Any idea what is wrong here? Why does this node not initialize properly? BTW, the node is surrounded by a couple of mains powered nodes so bad RF conditions should not be an issue here…

node66.log.json (33.4 KB)


I have nearly the same situation with my Sensitive strip (also a door sensor). I have a wakeup interval of 24 hours and after manually waking up the device, it’s getting green. But after a restart of the controller it stays gray. Device is also working properly.

Looking at the log it looks like the PING is timing out (ie the device never acks the request). This is stopping the initialisation proceding.

Maybe this device doesn’t respond to the NO_OP command class - I’ve not come across that before that I can think of.

What version of ZWave are you using?

Thanks for the answers. I am using the zwave nighly snapshot 1.9 from 29.06.
If this sensor doesn’t support the NO_OP command class, is there some workaround possible?

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Did you find a solution / help? I’m facing the same problem with a ZW112-C model…


unfortunately no.
However, I have noticed that every now and then the wakeup seems to work as it should and then the battery level is reported. But that just happens very rarely…
I do not think this is related to bad RF conditions, as the nodes are surrounded by mains powered nodes and all other battery devices work properly…