Zwave Associations ... 2 nodes vice versa?

I have 2 dimmers.
Each controls a light.
Each has a own physical switch.

Whatever switch I push both lights turn on.

I put them in each others Association group for that input.
However when I push a switch both lights turn on at first just to turn off again instantly again.
Seems like the association 1 makes what I want to turn on the other light however once it turns on it triggers automatically via the the assoication to turn off again?


I do not use this. I implement all with OH rules. Then I know whats going on.

I had another issue with my door sensors. If the alarm is triggered, all my roller shutters go up :wink: This is due to some associations. But I don not need this.

An command, trigged through an association sent from one device, will not (or should not!) cause the second device to trigger any commands configured through associations.

I would suggest to see if there is anything in the logs for starters.

unsure what I see here…
do I see traffic from association groups communication in a log at all?

thats from the manual

group2 seems to be differently for root device and endpoint1

You won’t see association messages if that’s what you mean?

yes thats what I meant

since it is a famous qubino din dimmer device again…
could it be related to the endpoint stuff from above manual?

Associations are a configuration only - you set the device to send a COMMAND, through an association group. When the reason for the association is triggered, the COMMAND is sent - not an association. The receiving node doesn’t know that the command was triggered through an association, or through a button press, or anything it - it just receives the command.

I see a bunch of multilevel commands in your log - probably these are related to the association configuration.

thats what I try to achieve and what I was expecting

If I only have set the association in one device it works
-> I push the physical button 1 : -> light 1 turns on -> association triggers ON to other node -> light 2 turns on
However in that case physical button 2 obviously only turns light 2 on

So I tried to ADDITONALLY set the vice versa association in the other Node… which results in:
I push the physical button 1 : -> light 1 turns on -> association triggers ON to other node -> light 2 turns on and while light 2 still dimms up --> both turn off again

shit always happens on qubino devices :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

Ok, but what were you actually expecting to see in the log then?

It’s not super easy to see what is happening as the controller doesn’t necessarily see all the data. One option, which I would also support, is to do what @HomeAutomation suggested, and run everything through rules so you have control over what is happening.

My recent test 100% confirms this is the case
The devices played ping pong with Commands received via Associations

:wink: nothing … you proposed a log for starters :wink:

But taking into account you said commands received via associations should not trigger a command again, and my above post … I am 100% sure it is faulty implemented in the device and I can only go via rules