Zwave: back to square 1 for WALLC-S

I have been running a manual install version of openhab for some time but decided to use the release of 2.1 to move to a repo maintained version of 2.1 (running on ClearOS / Centos). To make sure I had no old stuff interfering with my set-up I did a clean install, added all the bindings and had openhab discover the items. Then I added my items (MQTT) rules and sitemap.

Every thing is running and works great except for zwave. I have 4 WALLC-S switches to control lights using scenes and I can’t get that to work. Basically I am at the same spot that I was when I asked for help back in September last year.

This is where I am at:

  • Switching from 2.0 to fresh 2.1 install I did not change my z-wave network.
  • In 2.1 four nodes (13, 14, 15, 16) are discovered connected to zwave serial controller
  • As these are battery operated devices they are Unknown until information is received

And that’s where I am stuck. I can manually wake-up the devices and make them send information (the included log file shows just that) but that does make the devices " known".

Logs also show that scene commands are received from the different nodes as expected. but as the devices are unknown I can’t associate the channels and use them in my rules…

How can I solve this? What should I have done differently?

Log here:!AqPufRD6FolTgpNdgEbZS4Se_VbzUg

In the first log it looks like the devices are not responding to any messages the binding is sending, so it’s not progressing through the interview.

I’m a bit confused about what the other logs and the images are trying to show though - they appear to be for different nodes than you talk about here :confused:

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Chris, thank you for your quick response!

Sorry if the other stuff confused you… I put it there in September 2016 when we discussed a similar problem, did not realise the link I provided would also point to the other stuff…I moved it out of the way, to avoid confusion.
Added a screenshot of current situation :slight_smile:

So what should I do to fix this? When I stop OH 2.1 and start running OH2.0 again, these switches do work… (But okay, they are included and known there)…

I don’t know. All I can say is that in the short log you provided there is very little communication with the device and the device doesn’t respond to any messages the binding sends. I don’t think there is much difference between 2.0 and 2.1 so I’m not sure what would change, but if the device doesn’t t respond then I’m not sure there’s much to do.

I’d suggest to get a longer log and see what that shows.

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At first I thought I would exclude all the switches, do a factory reset and then include them to the network again but a bit reluctant to do so because then I can no longer use the 2.0 fallback :frowning:

Would it be helpful (for testing or logging purposes) to exclude and include one of the switches?

Excluding and including almost certainly won’t help unless the switches are in some strange state and they need resetting. Since they are working with your other setup, this seems unlikely.