ZWave battery level does not update

I have some Fibaro ZWave door sensors installed.
1 of the sensors doesn’t report back the battery level. They are always at 0 %.

I have tried to wake up the device manually and I have reinitialized it.
But it still shows 0 % and I don’t get an update.

The “OPEN” and “CLOSE” states are working normally.

Does anyone have a hint how I can solve this?

Do you get these five lines at the bottom of the UI Thing page?Screenshot 2021-09-10 172956
If not, it likely hasn’t finished configuration.
How long ago was this device added?
Is the one with the trouble farthest from the controller?


Yes I See all the lines.
I have added this device a few weeks ago.
And as mentioned the open and closed state is working.

No it is in the next room from the controller.

Well, I don’t know why then. Only random idea is to restart OH, then wake device and see. I’m assuming your other fibaro devices are reporting and there is an xml file for all nodes in user data/zwave.


I have these problems too (for years), sadly i found no solution.
Fibaro devices seems to have a problem with the battery status, Motion-Sensor, Door/Window-Sensor…

Some devices have a configuration where you can chose to supress the reporting of the battery level. I do not have Fibaro door sensors so I do not know if this applies here but it might be worthwile to check it.

Additional ideas:

  • Delete the thing (NOT excluding it from the ZWAVE network, just deleting within OH) and add it again from the Inbox. That ensures that the thing definition is updated according to the information for the device within the binding (in case there was a change since it was included).
  • Check that the item for the battery channel has the correct type
log:set DEBUG org.openhab.binding.zwave

Then the log messages to look for are:

Generating poll message for COMMAND_CLASS_BATTERY 
  1. If there is no Generating ... for your Node, something is wrong with OH/Z-Wave Binding.
  2. If there is a Generating ... for your Node and no Received ... , your device doesn’t send battery status.

As we are talking about battery operated devices, there might be a significant time gap between request and response.

Next step:
case 1. Let’s see.
case 2. Contact Fibaro.

Yes other devices are reporting the battery level fine.

So you still have this problem or did you change the device?

Thanks will check this and will try to readd the device.

I can’t help unfortunately, but just want to add that I have a Z-Wave sensor that has always reported 100% (and does so every day according to its timestamp). It’s a relatively cheap Haozee device, and I’ve just assumed that this will always be the case. Lately, it’s also started to randomly report 0 for temperature, before reverting to the actual reading. So, not exactly reliable.

Personally, I think the future is Matter and Thread. We’re already starting to see some Thread devices (including door sensors), but it’s a bit annoying that the Matter standard keeps getting pushed back. Hopefully it launches in early 2022 and we can actually see it in action.

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