Zwave battery thermostat offline after restart

Hello everybody,

I have a problem with my Zwave Devolo thermostats.

I’ve a raZberry with openHABian and some devices (door sensors, switches…). My three thermostats working (transmitting temprature). For testing they are right next to the controller (approximately 20cm). But when I restart openHABian they are all offline in PaperUI and Habmin says “Node not found in zwave network”. I wait a day but they are still offline until I press the button in the middle for wakeup. Then they work again as expected. The other battery sensors are online immediately after restart.

Does anybody have the same problem or can give me a hint?


See Battery node not initialised after reboot

Hi Chris,

it seems that’s the same problem! Sorry didin’t see the thread when I post this one!
I’m not at home at the moment, when I have more information I will post them in your linked thread.

Perfect - thanks. The device should send a wakeup message periodically - without that it’s impossible to control a battery device. Let’s see what the logs show…