[ZWAVE] best way to backup and recover zwave network (maybe different hardware)?

I would like to have a strategy in case my Z-Wave controller is broken and I need to install a new one.

How could such a strategy, such a way to backup my Z-Wave network and get it running again on a new (maybe different) controller look like?

OH 2.5.5
Z-Wave Controller: Aeotec AEOEZW090-C Gen5
About 15 Nodes (also battery devices)

This is very important for me, as I now control some important parts of my house via OH and Z-Wave, and in the event of a controller failure, it should be possible to replace it quickly (without having to remove hard-wired nodes).

Thank you!

You need to backup your controller and need to use the vendor specific software to exist for that purpose. For the Aeotec stick it’s AFAIK a Windows software that you can download from their website.

I also have the Aeotec Z-Stick Gen5. You can use the backup software for this stick which you can find here. As fas as I know it is only availbale for Windows.
The backup file can then be reloaded to antoher stick which will make a clone of the first one. So I have another Z-Stick as spare part which can be used in the case of a failure. Of course, you need to save backups periodically and this means to stop using the Stick with OH and make a backup (about 5 minutes time).

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During that time it would be wise to make an openHAB backup too. If you have secure devices the key is in the openHAB backup.

Thanks for the hint, I make a backup every day using a cronjob (export influxdb, ‘openhab2-backup’, copy important files to a nas, …)

On this occasion, I read about the “Zensys Z-Wave Tools” and tried them for a short time. If someone has more experience with them, is it possible to transfer the Z-Wave configuration to another Z-Wave controller (different hardware)?