ZWave Binary sensor that uses battery?

The Fibaro Universal would do the job, but requires power.

Any thoughts?


buy a door/window sensor, open it, and solder your own connections to the reed switch.


This one is not very relyable. In my case it does not reflect the real status at any time. You must reboot the sensor (power off and on) to fix this. Door/window sensor is more relyable, but has a problem with very fast changes OPEN/CLOSED/OPEN in less then 1 sec.

Advantage of binary:
I reads the real status even if they come very fast behind each others and at the end the last status is the one which is the last send to OH.

Advantage of door/window:
More relyable, but in my case sometimes the status was send in wrong sequence if it changes very fast. The sensor says CLOSED as last status but it should bo OPEN.

I fixed this only by using for this part of monitoring a MODBUS device. Because these devices support chatter compensation.

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Thanks Guys! Ill see if i can find a cheap australian door/window sensor