Zwave binding doesn‘t know ZRC-90 scene master since update to OH version 2.4

Since the update to openHAB verison 2.4 the scene master ZRC-90 isn‘t recognized by the zwave binding. HABmin says always „unknown device“.
As described in the migration guide, I have already deleted all the zwave things and added them again in HABmin.
Does anybody have similar problems or know how I can fix this again?

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Id be keen to know also as im considering buying one

still having problems…
Am I the only one having trouble with the zwave binding (version 2.4.0) and the ZRC-90 scene master? Nobody here who can help me?
The ZRC-90 worked well before I did the update to OH 2.4.0…

Has this issue been resoled? I was able to get join the ZRC-90US to my system, but it appears as an unknown device. OH V2.5.2

Firstly, I’d strongly suggest to use a newish version of the binding. Secondly, please provide the attributes for your device so we can see if it is supported.

I don’t know since when, but my ZRC-90 is working again since a long time.
At the moment I am using it with OH v2.5.10-1 without any problems.