Zwave binding error in products.xml

I am trying to tune Wintop ITemp Sensor, but can’t see configuration parameters in Habmin. I think products.xml has error in Wintop iTemp description, this file contains:


Contact and temp sensor

bat realy Product Type ID must be 0x1182. How to correct this value ?

It may be an error or it may be there’s different revisions of the same model or different product ids for different regions. You can try to repackage the binding jar file and edit the xml file to change 1188 to 1182 to try it. If it works add another entry into the products.xml for 1182 and submit a pull request on github

I’ve updated the database already as you also raised a bug there…

As a general rule, please avoid cross posting to both the forum and posting a bug on Github at the same time.

Thanks for you attention, and sorry for my hands worked faster than thought :wink: