ZWave Binding: Jasco UltraPro Dimmer: Unknown Device, but appears in the database

Hi!, I’ve recently added a couple of Jasco UltraPro dimmers model # 39351 on my zwave network. I’m running openhab 3.0.2 The zwave binding discovers the new devices but fails to match it with the online zwave database, therefore it does not show the device information, configuration or channels available. It only displays “Unknown Device

On the node xml file I can verify that all details match

In the openhab.log I found this line:

NODE 28: Device discovery could not resolve to a thingType! 0063:4944:3339::5.54

In the ZWave Device database I found the respective device:

It matches the manufacturer, device type and id, as the Firmware version on the database says “All” I’m assuming it should not be a problem. The only thing suspicious is that on the database the page is showing a definition error cause the ”Device Overview” field is empty, Don’t know if that completely invalidates the entry and that’s why my ZWave binding is unable to match to this device.

Does anyone know if there’s something I’m missing or have access to update the Device Information to see if that could be the problem?

Is there a way to temporarily fix it on my local installation until it gets resolved online?

The zwave binding for 3.0.2 does not contain that entry… I would normally suggest manually installing a snapshot version of the binding but 3.1.0 snapshots are no longer backward compatible with 3.0.x.

The official OH recommendation is to update to 3.1.0M4 or wait a few months for the 3.1.0 stable release.

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Many thanks Bruce!,

I changed to the testing repository and installed the latest milestone (3.1.0M4) as per your recommendation and now the device is fully recognized

For those that are having the same problem and are comfortable to use a testing version of openhab, here you can find the steps to be able to install the milestone versions:

Thanks again Bruce!

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I’m seeing this seam error on 3.1.0 stable. However, the device database definition seems to have an error now.

Is there a workaround?