Zwave binding manual config

hi all,

hoping to get help from you again…
I have my setup up and running (with the latest snapshot) on my Qnap NAS.
Everything works fine, devices are communicating… till reboot.
After the NAS reboots, zwave driver needs to be reinstalled and that causes (from time to time) serial to change.
I wrote a bash script that’ll re-install the drivers and update zwave config file after every reboot, to solve that serial issue.

The thing is: the changes I make are not being reflected in habmin/paperUI.

All tutorials on approaching that issue were made for openHAB v1.x where openhab.cfg file was present.
With openHAB2 that file no longer exists and each binding should have its own file.
So I created zwave.cfg in conf/services with following content:






none of the above work.

How do I manually update z-stick serial port ?

There are examples in the following post -: