Zwave binding not working on startup

Hi everyone. I know there are lots of similar threads with this issue and I’ve been through many of them but it doesn’t seem to help. They all have a bit of a different setup and therefore I’m not sure if it applies to me or not.

I’m running openhab2 on ubuntu 16.04 machines. I actually have multiple of these running in a classroom environment. I am a linux beginner and learning as I go.

When I first setup the zwave binding with the Aeotec Z-Stick, it would not connect to the z-stick at all. I finally got this working by changing user permissions to the tty and dialout groups but I find odd is that on one PC, I added the openhab user and it worked but the other it didn’t. For the second pc, I finally tried to add the local user account in the group and that ended up working. I have no idea why one worked with openhab and the other needed the local user account. Both installations were identical with the same steps.

Now I’m trying to add a few devices to my network and running into multiple issues.
I have a Jasco dimming lamp module that seems to work fine as long as I can get connected to the Z-Stick which is the first problem.

When I restarted my PC, the binding would get uninstalled. I had to re-install and my devices would appear again. I fixed that by adding zwave to the bindings=…,zwave in the addons.cfg file. BUT now when I reboot the binding stays installed but the z-stick isn’t getting connected. I get an error and the z-stick is offline along with all my devices. If I uninstall the binding and re-install, it works fine.

It sounds like your /var/lib/openhab2 folder is being messed with whenever you reboot. your binding is still being uninstalled but the fact that it is in addons.cfg means that it is being reinstalled immediately on a reboot. Given this is a classroom environment, is there something set up or installed that “cleans” these machines in some way to restore them to a known state on a reboot?