ZWave Binding: SHSG10000 - can I trigger an alarm?

Hi all,

After a fail with the Aeotec doorbell/ siren, where it is not possible to trigger an alarm (channel not supported), I would like to go for the Abus Siren:

Do I read it right, that I will be able to trigger the alarm and also set it back to off? I just don’t want to buy another device which will not work like that and thus wanted to make sure.

Thanks in advance for your help.

BTW: Running openhab2 (openhabian) with a zwave stick Aeotec Gen5 ZStick attached.

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I do not use zwave but you can find info on supported devices here:

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Or more information here, the database itself.

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First of all: thank you for the responses.

I know from the database that the device in general is supported. However, this is also true for Aeotec Doorbell & Siren 6 (, but it does not work, as it requires the sound control class (see here: Aeotec ZW164). @chris mentioned that.

My question is related to the Abus device and if I will have the same issue there, or if it will allow me to trigger the alarm with the Openhab Zwave binding.

Scenario: if it’s between 10PM and 5AM, light in cellar is off, but cellar window gets opened, trigger the alarm. Everything is in place, only the alarm device is missing… as I bought the Aeotec Doorbell and Alarm thingy.

As best as I can tell from the device database, this device just implements a switch, so it should be fine. I don’t have the device though so can’t comment from direct experience.

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As far as you are aware, is the Siren 6 / Doorbell 6 now fully supported by the binding? I realize some work was needed to get it initially functioning.

No - the sound command class still needs to be added. This is required to change and trigger sounds. What was added was the ability to use it as a doorbell - ie for the device to send alarms to OH.


Thank you @chris. Will order it now and let you know once tested.


Hi Chris,

The default of the device is maximum sound level which is in a level of siren, so use it as a door bell without the ability to control the sound level is not really useful.
Hope you can really add the missing control soon so we can benefit from this product both as door bell and siren.


That may end up being part of the total rewrite of the binding.

How do you control the sound level? I guess that is simply a configuration parameter which should be easy to change?

Unfortunately the manual we have does not specify any configuration parameters. @Yehuda should probably call vendor support for the information.

I see now that there are no parameters either, so it can’t be that… It looks like it’s just a simple siren so I’m surprised if you can actually change the volume, although I’m not familiar at all with this device.

Hi Chris.

Actually the device support volume adjustment but aeotec remove it on the latest specification due to conflict with other definitions.
See below the reply I got from aeotec support, is it possible to be add it to the device binding even there is no parameters?
Also, the Sound Switch Command Class is really necessary and useful to get fully operation of the device, a lot of good experience and feedback from other users using it with different platforms.


Unfortunately there is no parameter settings, we originally had them as a part of the parameter settings, but we needed to remove them as they conflicted with Sound Switch Command Class (in order for this unit to be certified, it required volume changes to be removed from parameters).

Refer to step 8, both Sound and volume should be sent together to set the sound and volume using “Sound Switch SET” command.

This is an example using Zensys Tools to configure Volume and Sound using the Sound Switch CC:

  1. Download Zensys Tools here:

  2. Close Software that is linked to Z-Stick Gen5

  3. Unzip Zensys Tools file, and open the .exe file.

  4. Click and highlight your Doorbell 6 (in our image, it is Node #3)

  5. Select “Node Info” button (4th button on the left)

  6. Now open up “Command Class” tab on the right side of the software

  7. Select:



  1. Input these Values:

Source End Point: 00 // leave as default

Res: 00 //Don’t touch this, this does nothing.

Destination Endpoint: 02 // Tamper Switch endpoint of Siren or Doorbell 6, you can use this to control sound of your button or other alarm options

  • Endpoint 01 - Play sound
  • Endpoint 02 - Tamper Switch
  • Endpoint 03 - Button #1
  • Endpoint 04 - Button #2
  • Endpoint 05 - Button #3
  • Endpoint 06 to 08 - Various alarm usecases.

Bit address: 00

Command Class: 79 //Sound Switch Command Class

Command: 05 //Sound Switch Configuration Set Command

Parameter: 05 01 //Volume #5 (as 05) Sounds #01 (as 01)

  • Volume is a range between 00 - 65 (in hex which is 0 - 100 in decimal or easily seen as 0 - 100%)
  • Sound can be a range between 00 - 1E (or decimal value of 1 - 30 or sound #1 - 30).
    • Example, Sound = 05, Volume = 0A (10%)
      • Parameter: 0A 05

So are there multiple versions of this device? We probably also need to keep that in mind if there are versions that have different features…

At the moment I’ve not had the time to add the support for the sound control class - there is too much happening at the moment…

I don;t think there are multiple versions, I found it mention on the first draft of the specification that probably not released with the device.

Do you think it is possible to add the volume control based on their description although it is not on the parameters?


Hi @chris: just received the ABUS SHSG10000 and it works like a charm. Just two channels: switch for trigger/ release the alarm and second one for battery status (backup battery). Testet it as switch item for the first channel and I am able to trigger and release alarm with that. So pretty straight forward with that device. :slight_smile:

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Actually I’m not sure why we are discussing an Aeon device here? Is this device by Aeon or Abus? The only device I found in the database is from Abus :confused:.

I think because I raised that I failed with my project with an Aeotec device, as I was not able to trigger the alarm :slight_smile:

The ABUS device is my replacement and works in my setup :slight_smile:

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