ZWave binding updates

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(Chris Jackson) #502

I didn’t look too closely at the associations - there are plenty (ie hundreds) of meter reports being received and most are not being processed to channels. This indicates that the associations are set, but something else is wrong. Also the report was that the control chnnel is being updated, so again, this indicates that associations are working.

Maybe there is also an association issue - I don’t know, but we should work out why the meter requests aren’t being processed.

(Chris Jackson) #503

But updates ARE being received, and the report above says that control updates ARE being received?

(Mark) #504

Ok. I was looking just at node 7, and I didn’t see any updates.

(Mark) #505

For node 2, aren’t those updates a result of the REFRESH on the channels?

(Chris Jackson) #506

There may be more than 1 issue - as no nodes were mentioned, I was looking for the systematic issue that would stop a large number of nodes from working.

I suggest we get the answer to how he is swapping between 2.3 and 2.4 as swapping between the two bindings isn’t really very simple and may be impacting this.

Yes, I chose a bad example, but there are others that are not related to refresh -:

I guess we need a clearer report on the issue. I was going to suggest initially that he should use 2.5 which has steps to better set the associations, but as the report was that control reports are working ok, and I do see unsolicited reports being received, I was focussing on other areas. There may be a combination.

(Mark) #507

Yeah, you may be right about that.

I see mass config updates for each of the nodes. What would cause that? I wonder if he’s using PaperUI to edit the config, as that’s the only thing I know that can cause that… There seems to be something weird about it because it seems to consistently cause the group 3 association to be removed.

@rjduraocosta What do you use to manage your zwave nodes? Paper UI or HABmin? If you use Paper UI, can you try using HABmin instead?

(Chris Jackson) #508

Quite possibly - again, this should be fixed by changing the 2.5 snapshot and I would highly recommend this as a next step.

(Tobias) #509

Can someone help here?

(Mark) #510

In the config update for group 3, it’s being reported as a String. Is that what’s fixed in the 2.5 snapshot?


(Mark) #511

Nevermind. I see where it explicitly sets the “Controller” association group, which in the case is AG 3.

(Chris Jackson) #512

Amongst other things. The format is processed against a number of different options to try and resolve strings, or string arrays (ie arrays that are passed in as strings rather than lists which is meant to be handled in ESH). However the other thing is that it also explicitly forces associations for the ZWave+ lifeline, or controller groups - ie it will not allow users to remove these associations.

(Shorty707) #513

I added a temperature channel for the qubino din dimmers.
a deprecated tag was automatically added. never seen this before.
something I made wrong there?

(Chris Jackson) #514

This might be a bug in the database - I’ll have a look. Thanks for reporting.

(Ricardo Costa) #515

Hello to all,

Thank you very much for analysing my issues. The channel that is not even beeing updated and I use in my rules is the Sensor Power channel.
Concerning the update procedure I am following the steps to update openHAB for my system that is windows and for the binding I am following all the steps above in the first post of this thread so that I do not miss anything. I used PaperUI to configure the things, but also tried Habmin with the same results and pending messages when saving the parameters.

The log that I provided was from a fresh install of openHAB, where I just installed the zwave binding and added all the zwave things (in PaperUI), controller and fgr-222 modules.

Another issue that I found is that when I fresh install, or upgrade to 2.4 and I add the things, fgr-222 modules, there are some parameters that do not have the same values as they have when I am at 2.3.0. I always have to change them to the value that they where, it seems like that the confuguration stored inthe modules does not get well read by the binding (I don’t know if I am explaining this well) This does not happen on all modulesand I have seen this behaviour on PaperUI and Habmin:

Thanks again for you support and time for helping me on this.

(Chris Jackson) #516

Just to be clear, you are deleting all things and adding them back each time you swap between 2.3 and 2.4?

As suggested above, I would recommend that you use the 2.5 snapshot binding.

(Tobias) #517

Someone using those famous Z-Wave Devolo MT2650 valves? I can’t transfer setpoint values…

(Mark) #518

Here’s my take on what’s happening. I’m using node 7 as an example. If you think I have this wrong, please let me know what I might be misunderstanding.

  1. For some reason, the device is not responding to the command to get Config Parameter 1. This is introducing a fair bit of delay in initializing node 7. The device also is not responding to the command to get config parameter 2, which is introducing even more delay in initializing node 7.


  1. At this point, the binding hasn’t read all the config parameters from the device (specifically, it has not read config parameter 13 from the device). Then you used Paper UI to make a config change, which sent updates for ALL the config parameters. However, at this point config parameter 13 in the binding is the default value of 1.


  1. The binding finally gave up trying to get config parameter 1. It then SETs config parameter 13 to the default, as you directed it to do when you used Paper UI to update the config. This is why, IMO, you should not use Paper UI to administer zwave devices!!!

I have no idea why the device is not responding to the GET for config parameters 1 and 2. Perhaps they are not supported by this version of the device firmware?

(Ricardo Costa) #519

I am doing exactly that. Deleting and adding all the things back each time I swap between 2.3 and 2.4.

Can you please point me out to where I can download the 2.5 snapshot binding? Are there any versions envolved? Sorry but I am new to these tests, I alway used stable releases and upgraded.

Thanks again for the support.

(Ricardo Costa) #520

Thanks for your reply. It makes perfect sence. Maybe I should look for an upgrade on the firmware?
All my devices firmware have the following firmware version:

(Mark) #521

You could try updating the binding as described here. I’m not exactly sure if this will work on a release version, as I only use snapshot releases.