ZWave binding updates

Thanks for point me out for the link.

Another thing, I have been analysing diferences between binding configurations for the FGR-222 devices between 2.3.0 and 2.4.0 and the parameters 1 and 2 where not present in 2.3.0 just in 2.4.0. From what I have seen in manuals and the Fibaro website and the device database, my device supports those parameters. Jut to be sure if these parameters exist on the devices, Is there any other way to look at them? Another software to analyse the network other then PaperUi / Habmin?


Good catch. Those two parameters were added in October in this change.

@mstormi I think you might’ve submitted the change to the FGR-222 database entry to add parameters 1 & 2. Was there a specific version of the device firmware that supported these two parameters? It looks like version 25.25 doesn’t supports these.

I had another look at all the manuals and the github page with the adding of parameters 1 and 2 and noticed the following:

  • Regarding the firmware version, in the Fibaro website looking at the manual from the 25.25 version it states that it supports parameters 1 and 2 but they should have the following values:

Parameter 1 (0 or 2) and Parameter 2 (0 or 1):

Parameter 2 has selectable options 0 and 2, not 0 and 1 like it is stated in the manual.

Sorry to bother you again with this, but could this also be something that is preventing parameters 1 and 2 to update?


They do:

But why is the device not responding to the GET on parameters 1 and 2?

If that is the case (did not take a closer look) you need to update the database:

See below above, I guess it is just the wrong option parameter

It’s the GET that the device is not responding to. The range of values shouldn’t matter for the GET command; only the SET command should be an issue.


You are right it is the GET, so i do not know where to go from now.
Is the test with the snapshot version a definitive way to go? Another software to analyse the zwave network/devices?


I would suggest using the latest snapshot version as @chris suggested. And I would recommend using HABmin to manage the device configs, rather than Paper UI. IMO, these two things should resolve the majority of the issues you’re seeing.

As for parameters 1 & 2, I really don’t know why the device isn’t responding. In my experience, when a device doesn’t respond like that, it usually means the command/parameter is not supported. Maybe @chris has some better insight on this.

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These protection command class parameters you’ve listed are in no way linked to configuration parameters.

I think who-ever added these misread the manual. The protection configuration is part of the protection command class - and not configuration parameters.

Can I somehow delete all my Z-Wave devices from the controller and start from scratch?

I will take me days to get my stuff running again, but that Devolo MT2650 kills my whole configuration. Meanwhile it has device ID7, while a “ghost device” ID6 is still present.

Deleting everything just leads to device IDs 7 and 8 and counting up.

I’m lost.

Yes - use the hard reset option. Note that there is no going back from this :wink:

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I did. But still the devices are present in PaperUI

This includes my Fibaro motion sensor and the Devolo valve plus its ghost.

Resetting the controller will not remove the things - you will need to manually remove the things separately.

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Thanks for pointing that out. I completely missed that!

So, then config parameters 1 and 2 should be removed from the database?

And, those protection parameters should be set using a channel (or channels) for the PROTECTION command class? But, I’m not sure how to do that in the database.


It will require a code update to the binding to support this.

I will do a database update tomorrow or Tuesday morning UK time - it will be the last for 2 weeks so if the changes can be added by then, I can get it updated.

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I’ll do the DB update now.

Edit: The DB update is done (i.e. parameters 1 and 2 have been deleted). Once the code change is done, we’ll need to revisit the db entry to add what’s needed for the PROTECTION parameters.


Do you want me to open an issue for this?

There is already one open -:

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