ZWave binding updates

The binding needs to interrogate the device to get information. Did you try waking it up multiple times so that the binding can get the information it needs to initialize it?

@chris here is a Z-Wave issue.

Thanks @mhilbush

Yes, I’ve tried that several times.

Node 132 doesn’t seem to feature in the log at all, so I would concur with @mhilbush in that the device is not being woken up - or at least the binding is not receiving the wakeup messages.

Please have a look again. NODE 132 occurs several times in the log.

EDIT: I copied another nodes (same device type) xml file, edited it and restarted the binding. Just so that I can proceed. (EDIT: Which didn’t work)

I did look already - looking again will not make it appear.

There is no communication with the device that I could see - maybe I missed it so please point it out. The only points in the log about node 132 are related to the bindings initial configuration, trying to read the XML that doesn’t exist and things like that - not comunicating with the device.

OK. Maybe it’s just a faulty unit then. I’ll order some new. Thank you.


FWIW I decided to try if another HA System can identify the device on my Z-Wave stick and it was immediately recognized as a Shenzhen Neo Electronics Co Ltd Door/Window Detector+.

So I upgraded to openHAB 2.5.0 Build #1623 which gave me Z-Wave binding Guess what… -the sensor works fine now.




I use openHAB 2.5.0.M1 Milestone Build. I have Z-Stick Gen5, OH running on Intel NUC / Win10. My Zwave network freezes time to time means that normally colours are changing on the stick periodically. When network freezed, colour changing stops and one colour lights or nothing. It takes 3-6 minutes till come over and start again. I try to investigate what the problem could be. At the moment I do not have any idea how to continue. I have managed to save log files about a period when it was stopped.

events_and_openhab_logs.txt (168.5 KB)

Could somebody look ang give me some hints how to continue? It would be a great help.

It is very hard to tell but I am guessing those up down devices are roller shutter controllers of some type.

What happened at 03:59 that caused all of those command received at the same time to all of those devices?

The rest looks like a cascade from that but if I was to start looking I would look at 35 and 49 in particular and check they have good communication and behave as you would expect when controlled.

BTW the image you posted is a bit confusing as it does not show the exact log uploaded as it is filtered to 35 only.

Hello, Yes they are Fibaro Roller Shutter 2 controllers. I have rules to control the shutters. 3:59 was the sunrise and based on my rules it opens all shutters. Problem is general. Means when Zwave controllers looks like stacked for unknown reason, nothing is working, plugs, lapms, lock, shutters, etc. So it is not Roller Shutter specific, I have juts found this case. My target is to find why my Zwave Stick freeze like that time to time. If this is not sufficient information, than I can extract differently. I have saved the log files. Thanks Istvan

I have filtered the log to 35 & 49 only.


I will reply in more detail later but first thing I would do is put a pause between each command in your scripts. 1s should be enough but why not 10s? Still only 1 min between first and last.

The second is turn off command polling. You should not need it on these devices.

The third is do not heal your network unless you really need to. Sometimes it makes things worse as it clears last working route and this can cause issues where communication to the node is stretched.

If the issue still continues remove the shutters one at a time from the script. If it improves when one is removed then check the routing is good.

Back home now.

So firstly it does look like those two nodes had some issues but that log shows that it now appears to be better.

Secondly your network is working rather well but you are asking a lot of it. Even switching just those two at the same time you are pushing things.

Look at the time each ACK is taking to come back from those devices for those requests for status update. Add up the numbers and you can see you are trying to put a lot of messages through the system. ZWave only processes one message at a time so if you stretch it much more than that log you will see issues as you did in the first. You need to back that traffic off.

Do you need all of those power and energy reports? Interesting info but what value? You could possibly pick up the kWh one time a day and it would probably serve normal purposes but fibaro allows plenty of scope to report these to the lifeline at different frequency.

Try turning the power off unless you need it and say each 2kWh for energy. Then stop polling for status. It will report to you all that is needed.

40. Power reports.
Power level change that will result in new power value report being
sent. The parameter defines a change that needs to occur in order to
trigger the report. The value is a percentage of the previous report.
Power report threshold available settings: 1-100 (1-100%).
Value of 0 means the reports are turned off.
Default setting: 10 (10%).
Parameter size: 1 [byte]
42. Periodic power or energy reports.
The parameter defines a time period between consecutive reports.
Available settings: 1-65534 (1-65534 seconds)
Value of 0 means the reports are turned off.
Default setting: 3600 (3600 seconds / 60 minutes).
Parameter size: 2 [bytes]
43. Energy reports.
Energy level change which will result in new energy value report
being sent. The parameter defines a change that needs to occur in
order to trigger the report.
Energy threshold available settings: 1-254 (0,01 - 2,54kWh).
Value of 0 means the reports are turned off.
Default setting 10 (0,1kWh).
Parameter size: 1 [byte]

Do that for all of them and see if that helps.

Hello, Thanks for the hints. These are the default settings, I haven’t changed anything so far. This network operates more than 2 yrs now. This problem started around 5 month ago. There is no problem with execute these commands without delay if the network operates. Based on the log it might be network overload, or probably one wrong device or COM port faliure, These are my ideas. So I will do your suggested modifications. I have more than 50 Zwave devices. Just an idea but it worth a question that Is it possible to put another Zwave stick in the network and share the load between them?

Where can I turn off network heal and polling?

Turn the heal off in HABmin. Select the Z-Wave Serial Controller, then select Disabled on the Network Heal panel.

I don’t know if you can disable polling completely, but you can set it to 10 days. In HABmin, you do this for each zwave thing on the Device Configuration panel.


Netwoek heal time was 2 a.m., now I have disabled it.

I might also suggest an openHAB restart. It’s possible there are some node initialization/heal threads hanging around. An openHAB restart will clear out those stale threads.

You first can check if there are any stale init threads by running the following in the console.

threads --list | grep ZWave

The output would look something like this. The ones with the Init in their name are the initialization/heal threads. As you can see, I have two that have been “stuck” since June 25.

321     │ ZWaveReceiveProcessorThread                                                                   │ WAITING       │ 4723     │ 3860
476     │ ZWaveNode86Init2019-06-25 10:52:24.404                                                        │ WAITING       │ 1        │ 0
13145   │ ZWaveReceiveInputThread                                                                       │ RUNNABLE      │ 539468   │ 370250
13147   │ ZWaveReceiveProcessorThread                                                                   │ WAITING       │ 184251   │ 152470
13317   │ ZWaveNode31Init2019-06-25 15:06:08.714                                                        │ WAITING       │ 12       │ 10
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