Zwave binding with openhab2

Hi everyone,

I have a Razberry Zwave and can’t get it up and running.
Can someone give me a clue, how to get TTYAMA0 working under Openhab 2 beta 2.



If you do ls /dev/tty* it should list the ports and you should put this into HABmin in the port setting as described here.

Port names are case sensitive, and must start with /dev/ - so probably something like /dev/ttyAMA0, but I’m not sure.

That’s a quick answer :slight_smile:

I allready tried that.
It could be the fact that is is not a USB stick, or something with user rights
It works in openhab1.

Try again tomorrow (it’s late in Holland)


It it works in OH1, then OH2 shouldn’t be any different. All the serial stuff is the same…

Good luck :slight_smile:


I can,t get Zwave running.

In Openhab I had to ad the line: \ in start
Is that also necessary in openhab2
(i saw a artikel somewere)


solved, dont now whey but it works