Zwave binding without the UI

I am currently using openhab2 (not openhabian) on my raspberry pi 3 B+. Its a headless setup (no keyboard and no mouse), and I am not locally on network. I want to be able to pair new zwave devices remotely, but I can not use the UI (paperUI). I do have access to my pi’s command line (via remote SSH’ing). How does one engage “discovery mode” and look/bind new devices directly from the command line?
I am not interested in using myopenhab, as I have several of these pi’s setup and I want to automate the binding process as much as I can.

Any tips/suggestions.

Thank you very much!

Install the REST API and learn the HTTP calls needed to initiate the scan, and to accept the Items out of the Inbox.

Or you might be able to do this by issuing commands to the Karaf Console. See

If you have ssh then you can use PaperUI. Just set up your ssh client to open an SSH tunnel and then connect to the tunnel. For example, connect via ssh and set up a tunnel on port 8080 that connects to the remote device’s IP:8080. Then open http://localhost:8080 in your browser.

Some of the commands you will need are in here…