ZWave binding

On a really old version of openhab2; trying to wait it out until 3.
If i want to try to update just the zwave binding to get the ability to use some newer devices:

  1. Where do i download the binding
  2. How do i go about it?

How old you say?

In general add-ons are only rarely backwards compatible, and when that is the case it’s usually not that far back. I know for certain a 2.5.9 binding is never going to run on OH 2.1. There were far too many changes to the core between those versions. If you want to run the new binding you have to upgrade your OH core to at least 2.5.0.

Why were you not running a release version? Snapshots are just for development testing on the path to Milestone & stable release.

You are really running something earlier than 2.1.0 The Z-Wave developer has said that bindings that old cannot be supported. He has just left on a well deserved vacation.

At some point i tried to upgrade and it destroyed all my rules. I didn’t want to redo them all so I left it running what i had worked…now, trying to use new stuff…not gonna happen. So i was trying to find a way in the interim to get it working(device into the database of what i have) while i wait for OH 3. I’m not going to rebuild it all until then. Too much time to do it all. Thanks!

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