ZWave broadcasts?

I’d like to use ZWave broadcast commands to make all of my ZWave devices [more specifically: all those that are configured to respond]
a) switch off
b) warn-blink/raise blinds/do whatever they’re configured to do in this emergency alarm state

@chris do you know if/how that can be done ?
I once accidentially “got that to work” when some FGMS tamper alarm was triggered but would like to use this in a more deterministic fashion.


Currently it’s not supported. This could be added, but there are limitations in ZWave as broadcasts and multicasts are not routed. This means that it will only work for devices that are in direct communications with the controller.

Multicast and broadcast is something I would like to be able to use more generally, but currently OH doesn’t have a groups concept that really supports this. I raised an issue for discussion about 6 months back, but no-one has commented on this so I think it’s not something people are generally interested in.

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