[ZWAVE] Clone network / secondary controller

hello to all!
i start to use a zwave network. now i have about 20 devices on my network.
unfortunately when i start to use it i bought Aeon Labs 5gen but the seller sent me a black versione (oldest) instead of the white (gen5).
Sometime i have some problems: controller stops works correctly and need to unplug the device.
Now i bought gen5 controller.
Is possibile to clone network? or i have to reset all device and reinclude? isn’t easy for me…
I read that there is a way to add the secondary controller in the network…
Can i add the gen5 to the old network, then delete the first controller?
or i need to reset all the device?
thanks in advance!

I’m no expert but based on what I’ve seen on this forum from the experts one of the major problems with the Gen 2 Aeon dongle is that there is no way to back up the network. Furthermore I think there are limitations within specific zwave devices as to whether they will support secondary controllers or not. So, based on what I know, I suspect your options are limited and you might have remove each device from the old and add each device to the new controller.

But, perhaps the real experts have better ideas.

thanks for your help. Unfortunately i have the same feeling…

One of my ideas:
Download the HS3 from HS3 Downloads. It is free for 30 days. Install it - best on two pc. Plug in one dongle each and configure the devices in HS3. Then you can transfer the z-wave network from one to the other. So the device-id of the new controller will stay at “1”. Perfekt. Some other tools made this job as well.

Second idea: Yes you can transfer to the new dongle an delete the the old one - but then the controller has not the device-id “1” - sometime this will produce problems. Zensys-Tools ZWaveController can do this.

Really thanks!
I’ll try it :slight_smile:

The promoted backup / Restore function is something they do not share with the public.

But when you have a big z Wave network a working Recovery would be extremly helpful.
Also if any other application could clone stick 1 to stick 2 would be OK. Then I could just clone the current topology from one stick to a backup stick manually couple times a year.

It should not matter, and should not cause any problems if the controller is not node 1. I ran for a long time with my controller as a different node - nothing in the system requires the controller to be node 1, and the system can support multiple controllers…

Transferring the network to another (secondary) controller can be done relatively easily - I had this functionality running in OH1 a long time ago, but it is not currently included in the binding. I will look at adding this back in in the near future.

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Hello Chris,

fine - i heard from problems in the community. for myself i use the controller ad node-id 49 and it works.
Another question when you work with the binding: is there any solution to use id’s from excluded devices? When i have the id’s from 2 to 10 (e.g.) an exclude device 5 i can not reuse the id - the next id for inclusion is then 11.

Thanks and best regards

No - as far as I’m aware there is no way to change the IDs. They are generated by the controller, and I don’t think it can be influenced…