zWave Config utility


I know that one can use cabman to configure the zwace devices, but is there any other useful software around?
habmin is developed for openhab2 now only and I cannot switch to OH2 because of missing bindings. But I also don’t want to “clutter” the installation with a cabman setup I rarely use.

Anything free available for Mac OS X or alternatively for Windows / Linux?



PS: using an Ateon Stick with Fibaro pugs

HABmin1 is fully working with openHAB1 and should work fine for configuring zwave devices.

I know some people have tried to use OZWCP, but I’ve not been able to get it to work myself. As far as I know, HABmin is the only software that works with openHAB - anything else you may find would require you to stop running openHAB…

Open Zwave Control Panel works, but Habmin has more functions and is easier to use.
If you are on an Raspberry Pi, you can find a compiled OZWCP version here.

I would stick with habmin!