ZWave Confusion

I am a ZWave newbie. I have some questions on what I see with my network.


Controller: Aeotec ZStick S2 USB
Node 4 - Linear PD300Z-2 - Mains Powered
Node 5 - WADWAZ-1 Door Sensor - Battery powered
Node 7 - HS-WD100+ Dimmer - Mains Powered
Node 9 - WAPIRZ-1 Motion Sensor - Battery Powered

Everything does work, but what confuses me is when I look in Habmin in the Network Viewer, I see my controller (Node 1) all by itself, and then the devices all connected together (ie. 4 connects to 5 connects to 7 connects to 9). Node 9 is really close to the controller, about 6 feet away. Probably 4 is the next closest, then 5 then 7.

I thought the system was supposed to do a network heal to fix this, but I don’t ever see it doing one from the logs. I do have the controller set as the Master.

Am I doing something wrong or just not understanding how things are supposed to work?


I think the only guy who can really help you is Chris, the developer of the binding. But afaik he’s on holiday at the moment.

What I can say: When I remember right, Chris has deactivated the network heal feature someday. But I don’t know if that was in the OH1 or OH2 binding. And I also don’t know if this is still the case.

But you are right, the network shouldn’t look that way.

Does your system work? I think that the network view shouldn’t be trusted too much. I have never seen a network map in my system that I believe is representing the actual routes. Afaik, it is something the stick gives out, so it is not really something that the zwave binding can have any objections to.
Chris will chime in, I’m sure, (to correct me :slight_smile: ) at some point. But until then, if your system works, don’t worry about the map.
I also think the network heal is still disabled.

I agree that the network view probably isn’t trustworthy at the moment. The existing code doesn’t work well for some controller commands so the nightly heal is disabled right now in oh2.

This has been improved in the new code that is being tested at the moment so hopefully this will be working better soon.

Thanks for the responses.

Yes, my system does work, I was just wondering if everything was configured optimally.

So, I won’t stress myself out about the network map :slight_smile:

I’ll just be happy that everything is working as expected.

Again, thanks for helping me out.