Zwave control panel

who can help me install open-z wave in raspbian.

Is there something that openhab/habmin isn’t doing for you?

It announces a topic which port not assign a z-stick raspbian GEN5.
I want to put my Zwave network function and I could not advance the project, not first place habmin work.

The z-stick is almost certainly the one on /dev/ttyAMA. If you installed openhab using apt-get, you need to add the openhab user to the dialout group or else the zwave binding can’t write to it. You need to watch the logs to see if the error that openHAB can’t find the zwave device or lots of other messages listing all the devices on your network.

I did not do the installation with apt-get, download the application in / opt / openhab with addons and others. how he would run the z-stick gen5

The interface to the z-stick is just a standard serial interface. So what ever user you run openhab with has to either be root or a member of the dialout group. You need to configure the port to /dev/ttyAMA in openhab.cfg. The z-wave addon must be installed and you need to see no errors in your logs when openhab starts up. If any of these are not true then neither Habmin nor anything else z-wave wise in openhab will work.

Sorry, I’m not sure I understand this, but just to point out that if you mean the port isn’t working, then you need to resolve this to get the binding working in the first place - this isn’t anything to do with HABmin. Until the binding works, you’ll not be able to use zwave with OH.

ya funciona, thanks Chris.

Openhab not automatically started.
Another thing is that to run me zstick GEN5 devices have to be placed
sudo usermod -a -G dialout openhab
Sometimes it works sometimes not
The installation of the openhab done with apt-get

When operating the z-stick GEN 5 are not allowed to edit the properties in habmin.

Install in accordance with: